Marion McVeety School Community Council Meeting

A reminder to families that there is a school community council meeting on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 in the school library. Looking forward to seeing you all there!!


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A Parent's Guide to Classroom Assessment

The following document was created by the school board as a parent's guide to classroom assessment. You can access the file by following the link.

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School Finder!

Need a quick way to find out what school or schools serve your area?  Regina Public Schools provides a school locator.  Enter your address or the name of your housing development and it will provide the name of the schools.  It will also tell you whether or not yo qualify for transportation.

School Community Councils

Every Regina Public School and High School has a School Community Council (SCC).These SCCs were mandated by the Provincial Government to replace parent teacher associations; school councils;  and home and school associations.

To find out more about the school's School Community Council or to get involved please contact the school.