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POWER Awards

The POWER awards are back! We are going to focus on the letters POWER:

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Week At A Glance:







Monday, October 7

Day 4

Thank you for your support with our SCC garage sale fundraiser.

FCC Drive Away Hunger Food Donations Accepted until Thursday

Boys Volleyball Practice at 12:00

SRC Meeting Meeting at Noon

MMSCC Meeting

The next Marion McVeety Community Council Meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 6th at 6:30 PM. We will be meeting in our school library.

We welcome all parents and guardians to become involved in our community councils.


Every Day Counts!

Facts about Attendance and Reading:

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Absences Add Up!

Did you know?

1. Being on time for school sets your child up for a great day of learning.

2. Even in Kindergarten, absences can cause children to fall behind in their learning.

3. Missing 10 percent (or about 18 days) can make it difficult to learn to read – a critical future skill.

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Is My Child Too Sick to Attend School? adminrpsweb Thu, 09/06/2018 - 11:12