Waste Free Wednesdays

Did you know that it takes hundreds of years for a plastic bag to break down at the garbage dump (and even then, it never totally breaks down)?

It takes 450 years for plastic bottles to break down.

Surprisingly, it can take 50-80 years for plastic containers to break down (and some people say they will never break down, not in a million years!).


If you think about it, students at school create a lot of garbage – used paper, broken or dried up pens, and plastic coverings from loose leaf and whiteouts brought to school. One of the biggest garbage collectors is the lunchroom. You should see how many bread crusts, fruit peels, etc.,

 are thrown away every day! Even teachers create garbage – food packaging from their lunches brought from home, plastic bags, and throw-away restaurant containers.


Since we have been making big changes by recycling waste at McVeety School already, we thought students and staff could do our part in reducing garbage going to our garbage dump. We will start practicing “Waste-Free Wednesdays” to become a Waste-Free School. On these days, students and staff must take all of their packaging home that they brought for lunch, so that their families can recycle them or put them in the compost. For example, instead of using the plastic bags, we can use reusable containers and bags to put our lunches in. We can then bring them home, wash and reuse them. While it might take us a month or so to get used to the new system, it will help reduce the amount of garbage going to the Regina landfill.


Starting from December 19th, and every Wednesday after that, we look forward to seeing you use as many reusable containers as much as you can! Let’s work together to help the world!